Long Island Off Road, Inc.

Trail Ride Requirements

We require all trucks to be equipped will the following items. Do NOT go on a run without them.
We may hold a yearly inspection to make sure all trucks are safe and reliable.

All adult participants will be required to sign the LIOR Waiver Form.
Those under 18 years must present a Minor Waiver signed in advance by their Parent/Guardian.

Trail-worthy tires
FRS radio
Seatbelts or harnesses
Full size spare tire
Jack that will lift your truck
Jackboard or foot
Lug wrench
Tow hooks front and rear
Tow strap (no metal hooks)
Battery hold-down
Fire extinguisher
Tool kit
Full tank of fuel
Liability insurance

The trails we run are far from any repair shop or parts store. There are some items we recommend you have with you.  Only you know the condition of your four wheeler. Pack accordingly.

Spare parts (hubs, ignition, belts, u-joints, assorted hardware)
Tree saver strap & shackle
First aid kit
Axe or saw
Air pump or compressor
Tire plug kit
Extra fluids (oil, water, gas, ATF, fluids for transfercase, differential, power steering, brakes)
Survival kit
Cell phone

Trail Rating
Suggested Minimum Equipment
Current Jeep Wrangler, 32'' tire without mods. Consult trail leader for other makes & models.
33'' agressive tires, 1 full locking differential or winch, skidplates, body protection.
35'' agressive tires, skid plates, body protection, and at least two of the following three modifications:
   front locking differential     rear locking differential     winch.
37'' tires, 2 lockers and winch, body damage expected.
All qualified vehicles must meet the LIOR trail ride requirements.

There is always a risk of vehicle body and mechanical damage when off roading.
Failure to meet the above requirements will almost guarantee this and slow the group.
You have been warned!

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Rev. 10/08/20