Long Island Off Road - Members Rigs
Silverman Family
2005 Fisher Price TJ Wrangler
12 volt elictric motor with direct drive transmission
Solid plastic mud tires
Factory cage not tired to plastic chassis
Factory FM radio
Special note:
Vehicle deffinetly holds record for roll overs with no damage to driver or vehicle. We should all wheel a plastic jeep and Fisher Price has a better warranty then Chrysler.
Ramp score over 1000
1982 AMC Jeep CJ 7
4.2 liter inline 6 Cyl
T4 4 speed transmission
Induction old school Weber, runs like a top
Dana 30 front, Model 20 rear open with 3.31 gears
3 inch custom lift
sway bar disconnects (RTI 850)
32-11.50r15 BF-Goodrich Mud Terrain Km on stock Jeep wagon wheels
Warn M8000 winch
Custom D rings front and rear
1992 Chrysler Corp Jeep YJ Wrangler
4.0 liter straight 6 Cyl
cold air intake
AX15 5 speed transmission
231 t-case with 4:1 low range & slip yoke eliminator
Front Dana 30 with Warn manual hubs and heavy duty axles with 297 joints.
Rear 87 XJ Dana 44
Detroit Lockers and 4.56 gears front & rear
35-12.50r15 Goodyear MTRs on AR 767 15X8 rims
Spring over with factory springs, Rubicon Express add a leafs, Rubicon cheap shocks and Curry shackles
Very simple works great and was built over ten years ago and wheeled hard (RTI 1200)
On board air: custom York compressor with reserve tank
Warn XD9000I winch
D rings for and aft
Warn recovery kit
High Lift jack
Factory main cage with Smitty Built front with 3 spreaders
Off Your Rockers corner guards
Poisen Spider rocker gaurds
Items of interest: Old man driving old school leaf sprung jeep. Superman is his copilot.
Evan - Parade Rig
1951 Willy's M38 US military tactical vehicle
Flat head 134 cubic inch Huricane in line 4 cyl
T90 3 speed transmision, sycronized 2nd and 3rd gears
Dana 18 T-case with 2.41 low range
Dana 27 front and Dana 44 rear open with 5.38 gears
Original 10 leaf springs with 1/4 ton rating (RTI 850)
700X16 NDCC Denman tires on 4.5 inch steel wheels
Military lift shackles for and aft with additional pintle hook in rear.
US marked shovel and ax stowed on passenger side
Water proof ignition system with full fording capabilities
water tight bell housing, pressurized crank case
Waterproof 24 volt electrical system with 24 amp generator and NATO jumper outlet
Top cruse speed 50 mph, Fuel economy 15-16 mpg 11 gallon fuel tank under driver's seat with extra 5 in jerry can on tail
Saftey Equipment: None.
No cage, no seat belts, no signals, 1 tail light, 1 brake light, no reverse lights, but is does have black out lights
Evan - Hard Core Rig
1986 AMC Corp Jeep CJ 7
4.2 liter inline 6 cyl
JFI fuel injection, distributor-less ignition
cold air intake, custom exhaust
T5 5 speed transmission
Dana 300 T-case with 4:1 low range
Stock dana 30 front (little 260 u-joints and five bolt aluminum hubs)
Dana 44 rear
4.88 gears and Detroit Lockes front & rear
Spring over Rubicon Express reverse eyelet 1.5" springs and shackles
Jack-handle drag link
Q78-15 Super Swamper TSL bias ply tires (35.5x11.50)
Off Your Rocker corner guards and rocker guards
Factor main cage with Smitty Built front hoop
Custom skid plates
Looks like s--t, is surprisingly solid, not one straight panel
Warn XD9000I winch
60 inch High Lift jack
Full complement of straps and chains, Warn accessory kit
Recovery shackles fore & aft on frame
Custom York air compressor with reserve tank
Dual Batteries
Full complement of tools and extra parts, broken radio and new Midland CB
Items of interest: Heat and all lights work, street legal
This Jeep and I have been together for 17 years. We have been to Key West and Niagra Falls together.
It has wheeled Telico and Kentucky, has rolled 7 times, and believe it or not it gets more attention than a Lamborgini.
RTI score is over 1200. Although it does not have Dana 60's and all the latest and greatest it will still hang with the best of them.
Old school still works
Evan - Family Wheeling Rig
1996 Chrysler Corp Jeep XJ Cherokee
4.0 inline 6 cyl
cold air intake
custom exhaust
AW4 4 speed auto transmission
231 T-case with slip yoke eliminator
Dana 30 front with 297 joints and Lock Right No Slip Locker, 4.56 gears.
87 XJ Dana 44 rear with an Aussi locker and 4.56 gears
Rubicon express 4.5" lift with 3/4" spacers in front and 1/2" inch blocks in rear
JKS disconnects
33-10.50r15 BF-Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 on 15X7 Craiger 342 rims
Full complement of skid plates and rocker guards Warm M8000 winch w/ put-together accesory kit
High Lift jack
Master Flow compressor from Costco ($40, 3 minutes per tire)
Custom dual batteries
Cobra CB
Spare tie rod (otherwise living on the wild side, no extra parts)
Brain Kelly was nice enough to basically give me the truck so I could take Wes wheeling. The only things I did to the truck was the gears, front locker, tires, winch, dual batteries and a lot of TLC. Now it is a great truck, I can drive it anywhere and I would take it on any trail and it goes like hell.? I am now an XJ fan


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