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Revised 12/28/12

Adam's 1985 Toyota Pickup
Engine: 22RE w/ 168k original miles
Transmission: W56, stock
Transfer Case: Dual Cases, Marlin Adapter, Trail Gear 4.7 gears in rear case, Trail-Gear twin stick
Axles: 4:10 Gears, Aussie Lockers, Trail Gear axle truss and armor. Longfield axles & hub gears in the front
Wheels: 37" Goodyear MTR on 15" black steelies. 1.5" Allpro wheel spacers
Brakes: V6 calipers and rotors up front, rear drums, rear proportioning valve bypass
Steering: Allpro Hy-Steer, Trail Gear hydro assist ram and pump
Driveshafts: High Angle driveline rear, Custom front with Allpro slip-joint
Front suspension: Custom Rear up front pack from 82 Hilux, 5" shackles, Allpro spring hanger
Rear Suspension: Allpro 4" w/ 1 leaf removed. Trail Gear Creeper joint shackle hangers, 6" shackles
Bilstein 12" shocks
XRC 8000 winch
Bed Bobbed 13"
Front Axle relocated apx 2.5" forward
Trail Gear Belly Skid Plate & Tcase Crossmember
Custom: front bumper, hybrid exo-cage, sliders and rear bumper