Long Island Off Road - Land Use

The need for political action is forced upon us by a broad array of 'Green Action Groups'. Inaction on our part will quickly destroy our sport. Don't let the GAGs take away YOUR right to enjoy America's backcountry. Hike if you want to, not because you MUST.
Get involved !
Here's how to take action - a trail cleanup and a beach cleanup.

Here's a tool to use when working with landowners. The OHV Options booklet was prepared by Adirondack Jeeps to explain the benefits of allowing responsible, recreational use.

Another trail closed! Download the Mahway, NJ PD Flyer in Word 97(.doc) or Rich Text(.rtf) format.

Eco-Terror on Long Island ! ELF pollutes the air to protest 'sprawl' !

Forest Service Roads Rule Web Site

The roots of Clinton's Forest Service 'Land Grab', supported by the GAGs , are explained by Henry Lamb in:
There goes America

LIOR trail maintenance

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