Long Island Off Road Trail Ride

Rausch Creek Motorsports Park
Joliett, PA
Saturday March 19, 2005
Reported by Garrett Moore

A large number of LIOR members made the trip out to Rausch Creek. We ran a couple of new trails that took about half of the day. The first trail we ran was a hill climb that was strewn with soft earth, steep rock ledges and trees on both sides that just reached out to provide body damage and to rip off mirrors. I only lost one.

This section was challenging enough for all of our members. Many members especially those who were not double locked used this trail as motivation to start thinking about the purchase of a winch. Eventually with some outstanding spotting by Ted the Fed, Rocky, Bob Big Bucks and others our entourage made it to the top of the trail. The rest of the day was spent watching Dave slowly remodel his XJ. After tearing off many sections of body molding and bashing out the rear windows and blowing the bead on a tire we are all anxiously awaiting the recreation of this beast.

As usual our good friend Yaron did not disappoint in providing entertainment on the trail. Just like the proverbial child who bit off more then he could chew Yaron soon found his attempts to climb a six-foot rock ledge were futile. Yaronís Jeep did do surprisingly well as it made itís way up the ledge, well at least the front part did. Just as the rear tires started to grab Yaron lost all steering as he totaled his tie rod. At least he made it convenient for the crew to help change it. Yaron was generous enough to break his tie rod on a nice dry rock instead of on the muddy ground. Soon after Yaron found his spare we were back on the trail.