Long Island Off Road Trail Ride

MaBell Trail
April 16, 2005
Photos by Bob Blair
Reported by Garrett Moore

MaBell is a reasonably tough trail for almost all rigs. It was interesting to observe the different approaches people took and how this did or occasionally did not correspond to the condition of their rig or how new it was. On one hand we have Joe B. Now Joe has an older model Jeep, but it is in great condition. Joe approached MaBell is such a delicate way that he seemed to gently caress his way up the trail. Now on the other side of the spectrum we had people like Bob 2 Jeeps and Bryan K. Both of these members have relatively new rigs, but they never considered being gentle with them. We went through the large mud hole in 'Jake' and it was not enough that the we had water/debris rushing around our ankles going through the hole, Bob decided to try it in reverse. Now this may make some of you tense thinking of all the damage or possible filth that could result from such activity. I assure you folks that Bob is meticulous with all of his vehicles. After each trail ride he and his crew wash, wax, and detail every little spot on the Jeeps. He thinks he has some of us fooled telling us he sold overkill. I am not yet convinced. Is possible that overkill will be resurrected one day in Sag Harbor? Only time will tell.

BK did it

Monster Rock the optional opening obstacle only had one serious taker on the last outing. Bryan Kelly decided he was willing to try out the Rubicon and see if those Mopar parts where up to the challenge. I believe his Poison Spider cage also helped convince him that his mobile convection oven was up for the challenge. Anyway Bryan set up for the climb. His Rubicon sure did not look as pretty as the space shuttle taking off for the launch, but it was smoking and there was a certain aroma emanating from the engine compartment. As he stepped on the gas and lost all oil pressure he began moving forward and kept traction long enough to make it to the top and succeeded in grabbing the bragging rights for the day. It is also important to note here that the breeze on top of Monster Rock helped dry out Bryan’s shirt. You can ask him about the only dry spot he had on his shirt and how it got there. Back to that aroma you may be wondering about. Jeep is improving their public image my making their vehicles multipurpose in hopes of winning over the people of the Audubon society. When Bryan purchased his 2003 Rubicon he ordered it with the optional convection oven. This feature allows Bryan to cook several burritos, hot dogs, bass, or even ribs on the trail. I am convinced it was this feature in addition to the vehicles ability to traverse Monster Rock that made it such an easy sale for Bryan. Like always we here in the LIOR community are wondering what will show up next.