Long Island Off Road
2002 Trailrides & Events

Long Island Off Road
Trail Ride Requirements

We require all trucks to be equipped will the following items. Do NOT go on a run without them.  You never know what may happen.  We hold a yearly inspection to make sure all trucks are safe and reliable.  Remember if one truck stops, everyone stops. So, letís make the run move as smoothly as possible.

-Seatbelts or harnesses
-Fullsize spare tire
-Jack that will lift your truck
-Jackboard or foot
-Lug Wrench
-Tow hooks- front and rear
-Tow Strap
-Battery hold down
-Fire extinguisher
-Extra fluids (oil, water and gas)
-14 channel Motorola FRS Talkabout radio (or compatible unit)

The trails we run are in the outback, far from any repair shop or parts store. There are some items we recommend you have with you.  Only you know the condition of your four wheeler. Pack accordingly.

-CB Radio
-Tool Kit
-Spare Parts (hubs, ignition, belts, assorted hardware)
-First Aid kit
-Axe or saw
-Air pump or compressor
-Tire plug kit
-Transfercase & differential fluids
-Survival kit

Please be responsible. Always watch the truck in front and the truck behind you. Don't get lost. Try to leave the trails cleaner then you found them.
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